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ADHD TestingAt Young Minds Psychiatry everyone matters.  We communicate with the parents to help them understand what their young ones are going through and how to deal with it.

Our in clinic services can include the following:

* Computerized testing for ADHD.

* Comprehensive evaluation.

* Psychopharmacological intervention.

* Individual psychotherapy.

* Family therapy.

* Psychoeducation.

* Couples Therapy.


 Insight-oriented therapy, addresses the source that explains our behavior. Sometimes just realizing where we acquired an irrational fear, belief, or habit is enough. Other times it provides us the conviction or the understanding to work on changing an attitude or a reaction that we know is harmful. Insight often helps us be easier on ourselves; when we recognize there’s a reason we feel or behave as we do, even as we recognize that the reason may no longer be a good one. Many patients feel a sense of freedom when they figure/find a solution for the issue.

Medication can be a valuable part of treatment for some conditions. When areas of the brain are over-stimulated/under-stimulated, may respond poorly to therapy. The brain chemistry maybe out of balance, being on the proper medication can improve the results of therapy. Each person is unique, not every person requires medication.

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Our Specialty

Dr. Anas Alkhatib is an insightful, caring and attentive psychiatrist treating patients in Atlanta and the greater Georgia area. He focuses upon child, adolescent and adult psychiatry.

Board Certified

by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology


Why Choose Us?

Dr. AlkhatibBecause we care. Dr. Alkhatib helps you understand your diagnosis, and any recommended treatment. He also helps you recognize limiting beliefs and maladaptive coping skills that have been hindering your recovery and needlessly causing you stress. When he is not treating patients he enjoys relaxing at home with friends and family.