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familyFor your convenience, we attached four forms in PDF format that we ask new patients to complete.  If you wish, you may download, print and fill them out before you visit our clinic for the first time.  This will allow us to minimize your waiting time. Of course we have the forms available at the office should you choose to complete them in our offices.

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Young Minds Psychiatry

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 10475 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 410, Jones Creek, Georgia 30097  678-615-7032

Our Specialty

Dr. Anas Alkhatib is an insightful, caring and attentive psychiatrist treating patients in Atlanta and the greater Georgia area. He focuses upon child, adolescent and adult psychiatry.

Board Certified

by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology


Why Choose Us?

Dr. AlkhatibBecause we care. Dr. Alkhatib helps you understand your diagnosis, and any recommended treatment. He also helps you recognize limiting beliefs and maladaptive coping skills that have been hindering your recovery and needlessly causing you stress. When he is not treating patients he enjoys relaxing at home with friends and family.